Bellis Zima Paradise Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Enjoy stay in Amsterdam with Bellis Zima Hotels!

Img Welcome to the website of Bellis Zima Hotel, a leader in Amsterdam's accommodation industry and a perfect option for all kinds of travelers, both business travelers and leisure and tourism oriented guests.
The Bellis Zima is a hotel where you feel being home while away from home. Our staff has been trained to pay attention to every detail in order to meet the needs of our guests and be of help in dealing with any thinkable matter, be it accommodation, hotel amenities, or outside aspects such as visiting places in Amsterdam, museums, theaters, galleries and restaurants.
The rooms at Bellis Zima have been designed to provide for comfortable stay. Spacious and sun-lit rooms with big windows will be a desired for rest and relaxation. Most of the windows open excellent views of the city. Upon request we can provide both double/twin or single stay rooms.
Guests of Bellis Zima are happy to enjoy the variety of dining options on the property. Two restaurants and a buffet bar are open round the clock. Dishes vary from European cuisine to Mexican and Asian dishes.
At the Spa & Fitness Salon guests of the Bellis Zima can relax after a long and tiring day in the city. The gym is fully equipped with modern workout equipment. The swimming pool is one of the best in the whole city. The spa salon offers spa procedures and a massage parlor.

Upcoming Events

  • 2014 Spice Fair

    January 15, 2014

    The guests of our hotel will enjoy a great event, the Spice Fair, devoted to the history of spices in Europe. Lots of information, tasting and fun!

  • Amster IT Conference

    December 12, 2013

    Bellis Zima will host an authoritative event, the Amser IT Conference, to gather IT guys from all over Europe. The hotel was nominated and won the competition in tough fight.

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We stayed at Bellis Zima when traveling across Europe with four other friends. It was a long ride, and we were very tired. I was the one who actually booked it online. We we all amazed to see the big rooms with top-class furniture. Also, we really liked the swimming pool!
Clara, Sept 2013

It was a great time we spent in Amsterdam. The hotel Bellis Zima was excellent. We spent three days seeing all of Amsterdam, and every evening it was a pleasure to go back to this hotel.
Xander, May 2013

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